Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle…really, don’t

 Calling  my first Pre-School Sparkles, I have to admit was my husbands idea (darn it!) but I have to  say, I love it. The word sparkle is so powerful. When you think of children sparkling in early years, it cunjours pictures of confident shining children who thrive at what they do, playing and achieving next steps. They  are  happy with high self esteem, they have fun and are fun to be with. With sparkling children I need sparkling staff, who will keep and sustain the sparkle in the children. Ok, so my second Pre-School isn’t called Sparkles (which makes my life far easier) and it being the same name as my niece, and historically embedded in St Mildred’s Church as Millies Pre School, I didn’t have the heart to change it’s original name. However, my Pre-Schools both shine and Sparkle. So don’t let anyone dull your Sparkle. I’ve let no one dull my two little gems!

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