Christmas Play 😃😁😳☺️

I love the Christmas Play, apart from one thing! There always seems to be one parent who doesn’t know a thing about it! How, I don’t know. They seem to miss the letter, the email and all the signs which get bigger and bolder as the day approaches, and then they turn up and turn on you! Understandable, they are so disappointed to arrive and all the other children are in costume, the tension mounts, and for all your efforts to tell them you have advertised in every way you know possible, your family get angry with you, this year email you to say how the setting have upset them. Then as a manager you have to decide when they have said they will not come back in January whether to accept it, or use your powers of persuasion to turn the family round. This year I decided to try and “massage” the situation. Although you stick to your guns about the methods of letting parents know, you empathise with how upset they must feel, and recognise their feelings. It worked! We don’t want to lose the child, they don’t really want to look for a new Pre-School. They have been hasty in their decision, and you have met in the middle. Staff will make an effort to inform them verbally of anything that happens (especially as the family have had a new baby) and it upsets us if people leave us, particularly when it’s in the heat of the moment. We are all happy. A few nicer, kinder emails are exchanged as we wish each other a Happy Christmas, and we genuinely do look forward to seeing you in the New Year. Peace!

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