Evolution of an activity

Activities are brilliant if you let them evolve. Starting an activity tempts the children in. The table is simple, we have flour and chocolate powder creatively displayed as a smiley face.



It it doesn’t stay like that for long..

imageCurious fingers can’t help but make marks and it’s not to long before it looks like this



The  children use their hand and fingers to make patterns and abstract drawings. The smell of cocoa powder fills our noses as we all enjoy using this media to develop early writing skills, feeling the silky flour mixture.

This isn’t where the activity stops…what can we add to this to change it up. Water!


A puddle initially. Children sprinkle the flour and chocolate powder mix onto the puddle. The conversation extend to ” it’s snowing” the flour floats on top before it absorbs into the water and the children watch the change with awe. By the way, they are all covered in flour! Now, what shall we do next? Hmmm



We we have props. Bob the Builder has joined us plus a few diggers and lorries. Stories are created by the children. The activity throughout the whole day has been so popular, so much learning has taken place in this small area. It has been interactive, it has taken the children’s lead and their imagination. We’ve drawn in it, written in it, mixed it with other ingredients, added toys and thoroughly enjoyed our evolving learning environment.

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