Some activities just have the lot!

Some activities really do hit the spot for all areas of learning, letting the children explore and initiate their own learning.  It’s fascinating to watch and I feel lucky to be a part of the process. My teams are always thinking of what they can use to inspire our children and when I arrived at one of my settings this morning I could help feeling “OH yeah! This is going to be great!



We we often mix seeds or beans but pure seeds so tactile, so inviting. But what will the children do with these?



First a muscle work out for those fingers. Nothing like a pair of tweezers to challenge us! These were tricky to pick up, a bit of a test for the best of us!

One child fills a jar, and it becomes a musical shaker as we sing a few rhymes. Some one offers me a pot as my breakfast with a spoon carefully ensconced from the home corner. Delicious!

So we have brought what we need to the tray to set our challenges and fun, but as a final twist, and I don’t see this one coming..


Apparently it’s a muddy puddle!

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