Tweet Tweet

Ok, it’s a corny title, but I have tried to do Twitter for years and always given up. I think because for friendship messages Facebook works better for me. After going on a course delivered by Laura Henry (, CEO NEyTCO) she made a fleeting remark to another delegate who was following her on Twitter. Idea bubble suddenly floats above my head! Try again because it may help me keep up to date with local and national childcare issues and support my role as provider for two Pre-Schools. It has taken a while to “join in”, I was mostly observing for the first two months. The temptation to join in the weekly @EYTalking professional chat (Tuesday evenings 8.00-9.00 pm) finally became to great and I jumped in. Love the very lively topical conversations which is a great source of personal professional development. I’m not saying I’m great at this new skill but I feel so much better networking with good people in Early Years, sharing thoughts and ideas and seeing what’s current. Laura Henry….thank you!

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