What if I fall…



This is is so inspirational for me. Fairy, superhero, child or early years practitioner/trainer, we feel we might fall when we really need to find out ..what if we fly? We all find ourselves falling from time to time, or stumble while we perfect a new skill (it’s taken me four months to get the hang of tweeting!) but a lot of the time, most of us fly.

It’s all about risk taking with children, without taking risks children wouldn’t develop skills, not only physical skills like climbing, balancing, but the risk of all activities children do. If we let the children lead activities and engage in Sustained Shared Thinking (great book by Kathie Brodie by the same title, on Amazon) to help children move to the unknown limits of learning then we will have our flyers. We have to help those who think they are going to fall to believe they can fly. Let’s boost  self-esteem and build children’s  confidence.

“All children both need and want to take risks in order to explore limits, venture into new experiences and develop their capacities, from a very young age and from their earliest play experiences. Children would never learn to walk, climb stairs or ride a bicycle unless they were strongly motivated to respond to challenges involving a risk of injury. The Play Forum’s Position Statement is focused more on play equipment and playgrounds, but the message is relevant to children’s play in a much broader context too. Play and risk go hand-in-hand. If we are to truly value play then we must also value risk.”


So let’s fly!

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