Evolution of an art activity

MY team will verify that craft is not my favourite place to be, however I do quite enjoy it when I’m there. I think my “control freak” personality panics as I forget to roll sleeves up, children wipe their face with paint or glue their friend with tissue paper!

This activity was inspired by a website, apologies, can’t remember which one. Foam shaped stickers are stuck to old Hot Chocolate tins or similar, paint applied and polled onto paper.


Can you spot the problem yet? Two things. One, you need a bigger paint container so that you can roll the paint on. Secondly, once the container/tube started rolling on the paper it was difficult to stop! Sorry no more photos, but I was to busy problem solving with the children how we could sort it out. Bit of sustained shared thinking. We have a lovely roll of lining paper just right for this job.

Note for the future, look out decorating paint trays, and maybe try this to put the rollers in initially. This could be great in the builders tray lined with paper. Maybe get the children to work as a team tipping the builders tray with the rollers going freestyle around the tray with the help of my lovely team.

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