Pictures to inspire…


Happy playing!!



Our ur first attempts at transient art. Children so absorbed. Nothing is stuck down, so children can get creative. There is no right do wrong, just exploration and creativity.



The  colour purple. Our table of Persian shoes, camels and Arabian characters and purple sand play ideal for the imagination, reading.  The children love the shoes and characters and instinctively know to handle them with more care.



Tactile play play inside and out. The coconuts were left behind from other hall users. The children loved exploring the texture, playing bowls…and of course we cracked one or two open to have a taste!



Finger gyms come in many forms. Here we see seeds with tweezers and play doh with superheroes. Writing is fab on the floor.

So, What’s New?

Haven’t been here for a while…because so much has been going on! So, what’s new?
Sometimes we try a few new things at once. Inspiration hits us from a few angles and putting plans into action takes time with planning and sourcing. Love it!

The Chatter Matters conference locally gave us the inspiration to start home learning bags. A zip lock A4 bag with some learning resources for families to use at home. Information for parents on areas of learning are enclosed to inform parents how amazing play is for learning. A short easy feedback form will help us to monitor how effective it is. Exciting!

One of my staff went on a course a while back, and was keen to investigate online learning journals. The ones we investigated we didn’t much like, until on Twitter (@EYTalking) Tapestry kept coming up. So we took a closer look, and after a free trial we will sign up. Again it puts parents in the picture as they cannot only follow, but contribute and reply to observations. Observations and photos can be uploaded from a tablet quickly and easily, saving so much time. Clear guidelines have been given to staff about its use and policies put in place to cover safeguarding and safe use. Permission slips have been obtained from parents, who seem very keen! Putting ideas into practice takes time and thought, but in Early Years, you can never stand still.

The @EYTalking Tuesday chats (8.00-9.00 Tuesday evenings, term time) one of my staff joined me, and we were inspired by transient art. This was hosted by @hilarywhite3 on Twitter. What’s great about transient art, is most of us will be able to start this with what we have in the cupboard and add to resources later. Transient art as I understand and use it, is fluid art with carefully chosen objects for children to create pictures, sorting and moving the parts for their creation. Nothing can go wrong, because you can change it. Boosts self-esteem and engages all children. There are no barriers, the activity translates to all languages, genders and abilities. Enjoyed by all in the setting and shared with parents on the facebook group page.

image image image image image

So some pretty amazing things are going on at my Sparkling Pre-Schools at the moment. So exciting when we go on new ventures together.

Let it go❄️❄️🎵🎹

I’m sure every Early Years setting has had children talking and singing the Frozen story and songs. At Millies the children love superhero characters and film themes. I loved this Frozen Activity that the children initiated by their interest, and the staff used it for a great learning activity.

I have to admit, I wasn’t there at the beginning of this activity, but a box arrived at Millies. Lots of curiosity as to what was in it and what the label said.


Help! One thing the children are good at! They opened the box, and what have they found..


Oh no! The characters from frozen…and they’re FROZEN. They need help to be unfrozen and get to the castle.


One of of my fab staff had painted a plastic castle white. The frozen book, blue paper, and those polystyrene “bits” you get in parcels set the castle scene.

The children discussed how to free them, and came up with warm water.


And  slowly the children, this time the heroes, set the characters free! Hooray!

The children then played with the story. The activity was engaging s well as enchanting. Sustained shared thinking at its best. Well done team, well done children.