Let it go❄️❄️🎵🎹

I’m sure every Early Years setting has had children talking and singing the Frozen story and songs. At Millies the children love superhero characters and film themes. I loved this Frozen Activity that the children initiated by their interest, and the staff used it for a great learning activity.

I have to admit, I wasn’t there at the beginning of this activity, but a box arrived at Millies. Lots of curiosity as to what was in it and what the label said.


Help! One thing the children are good at! They opened the box, and what have they found..


Oh no! The characters from frozen…and they’re FROZEN. They need help to be unfrozen and get to the castle.


One of of my fab staff had painted a plastic castle white. The frozen book, blue paper, and those polystyrene “bits” you get in parcels set the castle scene.

The children discussed how to free them, and came up with warm water.


And  slowly the children, this time the heroes, set the characters free! Hooray!

The children then played with the story. The activity was engaging s well as enchanting. Sustained shared thinking at its best. Well done team, well done children.

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