I have just spent a fabulous weekend at the wedding of my niece. It was so romantic and beautiful, not a dry eye in the house (or marquee). As always, there are members of the family you haven’t seen for years. So great to catch up with them. Today (the day after the big day) of I’m tired but thinking fondly about yesterday’s events. I was very touched that so many people remembered my Mother fondly (she died from cancer some years ago) and wished she was with us in person.

Family, one of our most influential groups we will ever belong to. As Early Years practitioners we have the privalidege of working with families and all their variable dimensions.  Not only do we work with them professionally, discussing their child’s development, but we often get insight into their personal family lives, whether it be happy or sad, good or bad. So we must go carefully when we make judgements, offer opinions or advice, so we are always supportive. Through the years we have been lucky to share parents wedding photos, celebrate parents achievements, we also support families when a member has been seriously ill or goes through a berievement. Families may need our support to cope with everyday life, and we may need to initiate more agencies who are best equipped to help our families. I take pride in both my settings support of families, and the ethos of creating a family friendly space.

Families are precious. Families mould our lives. We should celebrate the love, support the family and help them at vulnerable times, whatever the different dimensions of that family maybe. Embrace!


My top 5 bloggers – #TwitteratiChallenge!

I’d like to thank Kathy Brodie for nominating me for the twitteratichallenge. I have been honoured to be one of your guest bloggers and have some really favourite blogs on her site that are so uplifting and inspiring. I’m fairly new to Twitter, and it has been a fabulous media to connect with such fantastic people!

My nominations are:

@beckmakesthings Becks you have a great blog which has energy behind it. I really like the presentation and your style of writing. You’ve made me think about creativity, and you blog demonstrates your point!

@Totstars although I don’t think you have a blog(!) your mission to get all preschoolers physically fit is inspirational. You have come such a long way in such a short time. The last trip was Dubai, so watch out for Totstars International! You have a dream. Watching you follow it is such a pleasure.

@ABCDoes Mr Bryce-Clegg, you are amazing. I have “shared” lots of your ideas in my settings. Both have an Incredible Hulk board with incredible work. You make activities fun, meaningful and challenging. Your blog is packed with creative ideas to get all children mark making, particularly boys. Super Hero’s rock! Very child centred learning. On your course in June, so excited!

@rockmyclassroom I love your pictures of good practice.  I am often directing my team to your fabulous ideas. I think I picked up Tapestry Online learning journals) from one of your posts, life changing for my settings, especially for sharing learning with parents an carers (and a grandparent in New Zealand!) Engaging with parents is a value we both (and all great EY practitioners) share and you have plenty of ideas to achieve this.

@JeniHooper You give me insight into children’s minds and self esteem. Your “easy read” blogs packed with information, which makes me think about the children’s emotional welfare in our setting. Emotional well being and supporting emotional literacy is so important, especially as children will start to be tested so early at school. Time to think of holistic well being of children, and take heed of your good advice.

Just to say there are so may inspirational people on EY twitter network. Love you all!


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