Futureworks, Future Success!

I have just had lunch with a very lovely person. Debbie Sawh heads up level 2 and 3 training at Futureworks, Croydon. I have used Fureworks for many years. Debbie’s team deliver high quality training, which produces confident and competent Early Years practitioners. It’s lovely to see staff develop in knowledge and confidence as they progress through the course. The team of assessors, with Debbie support the learners through their journey, encouraging them to question practise and improve quality.
Futureworks works closely with the setting manager, so that coaching can be seamless between setting and the classroom. We are informed of progress, we are included in reviews we work closely together to get the best out of our student employees. We look for the same qualities in people to work with children. As Debbie once told me, as well as enthusiasm for working with children they need lots of “oomph.” I know exactly what she means!
Anyone who knows me, (or my blog) will know my enthusiasm for high quality team training which Debbie has delivered to us. From her fabulous training, we have introduced HighScope Plan-Do-Review https://sparklingpreschool.wordpress.com/2015/01/21/plan-do-review/ and self-regulation of children’s behaviour using the HighScope approach. Not only has she trained us, but she has supported implementation of her training. If your willing to give things a go, Debbie is your mentor and supporter 100%.
So we agreed at lunch, we don’t see enough of each other. Roll on the next lunch…and thanks Debbie, most of my team have been trained by yours! A great partnership and collaboration.

Futureworks information:

Deborah Sawh, BA (Hons), EYP/TS

Managing Director

FutureWorks Education Ltd


email: training@futureworks.org.uk

Tel no: 020-8916-2078


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