A Bit of DIY

Now your probably thinking I’m getting the children to decorate and make the furniture, but no! The DIY at the settings is in the form of making our own resources for their learning. We have done this in the past, but it has been a bit “token” so we are now inspired thanks to Alistair Bryce Clegg http://www.abcdoes.com to make this more the norm in our weekly plan.

The children coloured their own rice last week with food colouring. The joy of this is you get a whole lot of learning skills in  the making process. Armed with pipettes, food colouring, spoons, plastic trays (bit of recycling!) we set to work


So much to learn, from fine motor squeezing the pipettes , to discovering colour mixing, the children were engaged and challenged.

Weve also been making our own paints. The green accurately described as slime by one of our young learners!



Lots of descriptive vocabulary. That’s before you use it for play! You have double, treble the learning value if you have a hand in making the resources you use.

There’re a few “yikes!” moments, but best to bite your lip as the children soon get the hang of more water not making the paint thick enough. They are learning through experience, the best way. Although I may still need sunglasses for a few of the colours!

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