So much achieved, so much fun!

In Early Years we never know which way an activity is going to steer. I was flattered when people retweeted my photo of a challenge we had picking up pulses rice and pasta with tweezers. A great game, and great excersise for little fingers. Ability ranged from the two handed approach to pick up pasta, to the one handed approach to picking up rice. All children succeeded, the most important component to build self esteem and confidence.


This however was only a snapshot of the activity. It mutated into cake making. And we  decided to choose whether they would be delicious, or disgusting. Much amusement as we had loud “blyuek” sounds.  Children did well to get there mouths round two big words, and what were those disgusting cakes made of, snakes?


Maths also covered as one child asked me “most or less?” as she scooped up the dried goods. Lots of predicting how much, and she did use “more or less” as we went on.  Good to remember whatever you put out can cover so many areas of learning. A lot of ideas developed from the children’s direction.


Great learning, developing and most of all, fun!

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