“Keep it Simple: Planning”, from Laura Henry

This is just a little ” blogette” (new word) re Laura Henry’s “Keep it Simple: planning” training. It has to be a blogette, because there is nothing like going on the training to get this right, and I don’t  want give away the content. You’ll thoroughly enjoy the training.

In Early Years, we tend to be guilty of being told to do something, and then from various sources we tend to over complicate and embroider what we need to do until we are drowning in paperwork, which is not helpful to practice, and overwhelms us to the point we lose sight of what the main aim is, to be with the children and to support their development.

Enter Laura Henry’s training. I’m quite protective of my systems I have in place, and I have to admit to squirming a bit at first (it’s ok , I already told Laura that!)….it all seemed ….so easy! It made much more sense, put the child firmly in the middle of the planning, listening to them, meeting their needs. We did the training as a team, it was like they were all sighing with relief! At last, somebody saying less is so definitely more! Staff started to smile, the sun started to shine on us, and with Laura’s templates we were ready to go. I turned from squirming to feeling quite liberated.

For those who might say “what about Ofsted?” we were inspected recently, the planning and tracking progress was very clear to see, and the inspector liked how it all linked to the key person knowing the key children. We achieved Outstanding for the second time. It ticked so many boxes, knowing the children “extremely” well, effective planning, closing gaps and putting training into practice (CPD box ticked) to benefit the children.

The training helps the key persons role to be extremely effective and involves collaboration of the team to plan for the children. It does exactly what it says on the tin, keeps planning simple! Thanks Laura.

For more information visit http://www.laurahenryconsultancy.com/keep-it-simple-planning/

Well worth it. Highly recommend.

6 thoughts on ““Keep it Simple: Planning”, from Laura Henry

  1. Hi and thanks for sending me the ‘blogette’ ! I am due to become our pre school manager in Sept and I would so love to simplify planning for the key workers (I’m one presently).

    Laura has sent me a message to get a group together but you mentioned that your team did it together may I ask how many of you went on the training and what cost ? Also is it something I could come to alone as manager and pass on to my team( if costs were too high for all of us to attend.)

    Hope you don’t mind me asking and thanks again.

    Amanda Nixon.


    1. Best to speak to Laura about costs and negotiate with her. I have 18 staff. Well worth the money as easy to act on the training, even if you go on your own, the templates will help you get staff on board, easy to use. If you can network with other managers, local child minders etc you could keep costs down. Training costs are Laura’s domain. She’s an amazing trainer, my staff loved it!


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