My Teachers…what I remember from primary school.

After watching Rita Pierson on YouTube TED talk, my first thought was, I wish she’d been my teacher. Seven and a half minutes of pure inspiration! You can see it here Sadly she is no longer with us, but her legacy is to inspire others. So it got me thinking, and I looked back at my primary teachers. I remember nearly every one! Sometimes funny, sometimes painful. I can see why I always have a problem with confidence. Even though people tell me I’m good at my job (even Ofsted!) I never quite believe it. Good news is I surround myself with good people, who maybe see qualities I don’t recognise myself. If they say I’m good…there has to be some truth in it. Anyway, I digress. Here we go…

First primary school reception teacher–

Not there for long as we moved. On my first day, I didn’t like it, told my Mum school wasn’t for me, then she delivered the news that I would be at school till 16!!!! At 4, that’s forever! Cried all night….second day, slept on my desk so I’m told! Outside toilets were freezing!

Second reception teacher Mrs LeFevre. Nice lady, dark hair. Indoor toilets!

Year 1 Mrs Lowe- lovely lady, told us she was 94, knew EVERYTHING, and we believed her! I remember telling my dad she REALLY was 94. We were on tables of 6. If we all did well on the table she put a big T on it for trustworthy. Horrible if she ever had to wipe it off!

Year 2 Mrs Brearly. Loved her, she had the patience of a saint, except when I couldn’t spell WEDNESDAY, then she “had to move away from me.” I wouldn’t write it…it didn’t look right!  In the Old building, so back to outside toilets!

Year 3 Mr Sharp also music teacher. His initial was A so his name was A Sharp, really A# and he was a music teacher! He was strict but mostly fair…except when he made me stand up in front of the whole school for not looking at the hymn book in assembly. But I’d had eye drops in that made my vision blurry for days. He apologised secretly later. Maybe not so fair.

Year 4 Mrs McNally, Scottish, drove to school on a moped. Curley hair and long cardigans, red crash helmet. Hmmm, that’s all I remember, so I can’t have annoyed her!

Year 5 Mr Price. Terrified of him before he was my teacher, tall, loud Welsh accent. From the “valleys” Loved him as a teacher. Used to tell us all sorts of interesting things. Also did basketry and pottery this year. There was a kiln in the back room of the class room…honest! Very creative year. Lovely man in teaching.

Year 6 Mr Parks. Quiet, patient, helpful. Did lots of tests this year, was absolutely hopeless at them!!

So this is a whistle stop tour of my primary school education back in the 60’s. Amazing what we remember, and points out negative events in my school have been remembered throughout my life. I remember friendships warmly, living in the countryside, playing in the woods daily, playing tennis in the road and happy childhood memories. Great childhood, not so happy at school.

So I go back to Rita… And the importance of building relationships, liking the people that teach you help you to learn, building self esteem sets you up for life. Lets do that!





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