Staff training…all of us…EXCTED!!

Once a year I organise training for the whole team. Extravagant I hear you say! Well, I would say it’s a must! The reason I’m so excited this year is it’s a conference. Safeguarding and Protecting Every Child where we will be listening to fantastic speakers, some renown for their work all over the world! I almost feel like we’re famous ourselves. My team are buzzing, that are so happy to be part of what is going to be an inspirational day. I’m looking forward to seeing our home grown safeguarding trainer Susan Taylor who is amazing!

CPPD takes many forms, and in our settings we do use all types from online ( recently Kathy Brodie’s Early Years Summit) to sending individuals on courses, picking things up from EY twitter and FB groups, books and magazines. BUT the one thing that has the most impact is team training. Last year we had Laura Henry’s Keep it Simple Planning (KiSP). Amazing impact. It has not only made the whole system so much easier, but it means so much more. Less is definitely more! Less work and happier staff.

Here are some of the other reasons I believe team training is the best!

Team spirit

The team rarely get together all on one shift. On a staff inset day all staff are with you. It’s a chance to bring them all together and treat them to top class training. You are on the same page when you start, you are on the same page when you finish. “Together” is the word here. Together because we are dedicated practitioners, together because we will embrace changes from the training as a unit together.


If you sift through my posts you will see that some of the great changes we have made in our settings have been as a direct result of team training. Laura Henry and Debbie Sawh have been our main contributors to changes and improvement. This is far more effective than sending one member of staff, who with the best will in the world has to disseminate the information, convince us it’s great, (and they do) and then try and action the plan. I’m not saying it’s not possible, but with the whole team the change is quick and seamless, together we have more power to make the changes.


Some may see these as chores or hard work? Training should impact to make your life easier. The team uses new skills and with Laura armed with instantly usable templates, ready to go! We changed to KiSP in a week. Impact powerful and improvements could be seen on children’s outcomes.


We all know we shouldn’t do things for Ofsted, and I agree. Do this for your setting. It’s cost effective for the reasons above. Ofsted will love the impact of your team training, and you can show off the impact this has on your children. They will nod so loudly you hear the whoosh of air as their head goes up and down, well maybe not that much! Throughout the last inspection, many of our outstanding features were team training based. It also shows outstanding leadership, even if I say so myself!

So for you, for your team, for you children and families, please endulge in staff training days. Enjoy the day, and enjoy the results. Let me know how it goes!


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