After the staff training.

Well…following on from my previous post…it was brilliant! (Please read my previous post on Team Training.) The whole team (almost) went on the first National Early Years Safeguarding conference organised by Laura Henry. I’m not going to go into masses of detail, Penny Webb did an excellent blog about the whole day which you can read by following this link

Having said that, some of the team arrived early to help Laura prepare. We got frustratingly delayed by signal problems on the train, but once we got there we were excited to be involved in the setting up. Here we are organising the certificates.


It looks a mess, but we knew exactly what we were doing! We were privaliged to welcome delegates and guide them into the conference room, giving them their goody bags on the way.

So we were already excited. Laura had organised some amazing speakers, including our home grown ( and well used) Safeguarding trainer Susan Taylor from Tailormade Training Solutions ( We all had our favourites, but every speaker had important messages, with the common theme that Early Years is the most important time to get things right. We all have our part to play in this to ensure children have the best start to continue to be successful in future life. We are all advocates for our children too, and need to speak up for them. We are their champions, we mustn’t let them down.

I want to return to my team theme here. As we caught the train home, we had very active discussions. It was interesting that some of us had different interpretations of what was said, which led to scrutiny of some of our own practices. Jane Evans key note speech led to different interpretations to what she meant. We all agreed we could have listened to the speakers for longer, and would reflect on certain aspects of practice.

My 1-1 supervisions are in full flow at the moment, giving me the chance to see the impact the conference has had. For the workshops I spread my team out. There were workshops that some of them didn’t think pertained to them, such as safer recruitment, that must surely be for managers! But they were greatful for the insight and realise it goes beyond recruitment. What ever level your at in your career, we are all responsible for monitoring staff, speaking out about maltreatment or safeguarding issues. It was useful that they knew why I’m so nosey getting them to make declarations about the people they live with etc! I tell them, but now they really get it! It doesn’t end at recruitment, but is ongoing monitoring that those we have recruited are safe.

Another theme running through the feedback is the use of real examples by the speakers brought safeguarding to life. The outcome is they know more what they are looking for, observing for with our children and families. More alert to get Early Intervention if a family need it. More confident to make the call should it be necessary to protect children.

As manager of two settings I am very confident that all members of staff have extended their safeguarding knowledge, and feel empowered to truly safeguard our children.

A great team experience! If you missed it, no worries, next year another  National Safeguarding Confernce already being organised with fabulous speakers! Follow the link



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