Switching off and Back on Again

For the first time since managing my settings I went on holiday in term time! It’s a long story how that happened, but the opportunity to visit New York with my daughter (who works in one of my Pre-Schools) came up, and I couldn’t resist. I have good managers in place, good teams that are dedicated….no Ofsted visits due. So switch off, ok?

A few emails with contact details, phone me if you need to, I’ll pay you back for the call, email me if there’s a problem, any worries here are some contacts that may help you. Yes I really trust you, but just in case. Sorry managers, couldn’t help myself!

So off we went. Despite a shaky start with a yellow cab reversing into another car and dropping us at the wrong hotel (we can laugh now!) we had a fabulous time. Did I completely forget about work? No.

One of our first visits was the Museum of Modern Art, where Van Gogh’s Starry Night lives. So many inspiring pictures using all sorts of shapes, patterns, materials. Hmmm, could we do a version of that? I must put some pics of famous artists as provocations for art. Great ideas for our little ones.




We visited Brooklyn bridge. We both named children who would love this structure! They would be so excited. It snowed as we walked across, an amazing atmospheric visit. Then there’s the Statton Island ferry, seeing the Statue of Liberty. Lots of policeman around, the lovely American fire engines. We agreed that American trucks looked more “truckie” in their 50’s style cabs. There was so much to see and do. Central Park, Empire State Building, Top of the Rock. New York really does buzz with excitement.




As we looked for souvenirs for family, we still talked about what the children would like. I asked my daughter was it ok not to totally forget about work? She said it was ok. In Early Years we get to know our children well. It’s not that we don’t switch off, it doesn’t get in the way of enjoying a holiday, but it’s in our blood to think of our jobs and Early Years in general. We had many moments that weren’t thinking of children, but wherever we are, we can be reminded of our jobs and the children we care for, but in a good and positive way.

Thanks to my teams who, no surprises, coped very (almost too) well without me. You’re amazing!


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