#Myfamilyweek…so far!

Life is always exciting when you work collaboratively with Laura Henry!  A call saying “I just want to run something by you”, or “I’ve got an idea” you know your going to be involved in something big! But this is amazing. Celebrating families in all shapes and forms. This is huge. Bereaved families, same-sex parents, extended families, blended families…ALL FAMILIES, count me in Laura!

So we have used some of the free resources. We have collected family photos which the children love explaining who’s who, what the occasion is and family personalities.

children have drawn pictures of their families. We have had some really emotional conversations with bereaved families. There’s a guardian angel in this picture who watches over tha family.

With everything we ask “ What’s the impact”, what are the children getting out of this. Well we’ve not finished yet. So far we have had lots of chatting about a subject children are really knowledgable about…themselves! Where they fit in their family and the role of others they live with. Talking emotions, a building a sense of self. Everyone’s included, everyone’s contributing, so we’re building relationships with our families, so good timing Laura at the beginning of the first term of the year! Getting to know our families well.

Weve started early, but it has so much depth and is such a brilliant concept. Can’t wait for the actual week. BBC are visiting us!

Please click the link below for more information. Join in, its great! …and FREE!



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