A ((Short!) New Year Blog.

At the end of last term I was really tired, I mean really tired! Several reasons. I had one of those colds and coughs that just lasted weeks and weeks. There had been a few glitches in the year which always knocks me sideways. However, my faith in my own ability and my expertise from all of my experience in EY has been restored, and here’s the trick. Surround yourself with good people. People who know not only that you are a good EY practitioner/settings manager/ teacher/carer and employer, but you are helpful kind and supportive of others.

So I start 2019 with confidence and renewed energy. I hope to help more settings with my consultancy work. It went a little quiet, but is picking up again through word of mouth. I’m very content to mainly support and manage my two settings, both very special to me. Coaching and supervision helps to create the nurturing environment I value for the children and staff. I might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I can’t please everyone or be popular all of the time, something that doesn’t always sit right but I must accept. I know those who support me and make me stronger, in turn I hope not only to return the favour, but spread the love and support to others, both professionally and personally.

Happy New Year!

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