School Careers Day – with a special moment.

Today I did my annual visit to the local school for their careers day. Rather than sending students out to various work places, the school chooses to bring working people to the students. This year 37 people from different businesses pitched up.

We are all asked to give the students a mock interview for a couple of lessons and the give 30 minute presentations about our work. For the presentationI always take toys and make it mostly a practical session. Three reasons for this:

  1. To help students understand your never to old to play! ( They’re doing their GCSE’s so play is a great de-stressor! )
  2. To get the students to work in groups and get them to compare the way they play together to what it might look like when your 3. Believe me some of the behaviours are similar!
  3. To get students to think how and what our children learn
    The students have great fun and it’s a great way to get across what we do.

This year a very special thing happened. A little voice piped up “I went to Sparkles.” Yes it made me feel old but what a joy to see her. She remembered she didn’t speak any English, and I remember I had to make my handbag child safe so that we could sit and empty the contents and “talk” about them. I asked her what her plans were for the future. She didn’t know, but her friends said how smart she was, to which I replied “ Of course she is, she went to Sparkles!”

One more thought. One of the activities I bought in I put a homemade number line with numbers written in Polish, which one Polish student loved. I’m not sure what schools do but maybe we need to think of other ways of making other languages visible and usable in setting at school. Two of the girls I did mock interviews with had not been in this country long, one didn’t speak English what she arrived. Apart from Hello and Welcome signs on display I wondered what was in place to support home language as well as what’s available to help them translate all their lessons! Probably many things but food for thought.

A thoroughly enjoyable day with lovely students. See you next Year.