The Amazing Early Years

Today I see a campaign to give thumbs up to Early Years in appreciation to all they do.

I find myself torn between supporting and protesting. For some this feels like a thumbs up, but for others a sharp push to carry on when we feel the sector has been ignored during the covid crisis and it’s safety not considered. We have been described by the government as “crucial” and at the same time been offered nothing to protect ourselves and no extra funding to keep our doors open to all. We work in an environment where staff ratios mean there are more adults in a room in close proximity without PPE or lateral flow tests readily available. The vaccine fiasco has led to wagging fingers to those who try to protect their teams. Trying to get a vaccine doesn’t sit right with me personally, but I totally understand those who have pursued this.

Yes we are amazing, thank you for the thumbs up. For some it will be the lift they need, for others it will feel like a distraction for support. But let’s try not to make this another divisive campaign that splits the sector and support individual choice to join in or not.

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